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A week of learning mobility completed with the participation of young individuals with spinal cord injuries along with the companionsfrom all partners in order to test O2 and O3 outputs.


This mobility implemented in İstanbul with BAU’s hosting as total 37 participants. 13 of the participants were youth with physical disability, 13 accompanying person, 3 trainer and facilitator, 6 youth without disabilitiy and technical staff for the virtual reality implementations.


Our 3D applications including three sports which decided based on the O1 research results and partner discussions (boccia, handbike, race and skiing), and SIP 4 PY non-formal based workshops presented to youth with SCI, which complementary and integrate with each other. In one week training, representatives and officials of every partner have included in the mobility, experts such as trainers, youth workers, software engineers, doctors have there to observe and monitör the workshops and they experienced outputs instantenously.


All content evaluated, discussed and experienced, along with the participants and facilitators. So this way the missing points of the project have seen and roadmap was prepared for the improvements.


You can see the training evaluation report of the C3 activity.

The visuals and videos of the activity can be seen in gallery section.