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VR Application

Physical therapy is an important key component for individuals with SCI (especially for young people who heal faster than average). In confronted situations, youth with SCI has problems with motor dysfunctions, the range of motion limitations, loss of physical senses and muscle aches, loss and muscle deactivation. Many patients do not continue with the treatment process or continue with the motivation. Reasons lie behind it are that the boring movements, which are routine and constantly repetitive, are far from facilitating at the point of internalization of treatment and immersive. From here, 3D VR applications have developed for youth with SCI, which will facilitate physical treatment processes, make fun, combines technology and sport, and internalize rehabilitation. Young people who will be able to download VR applications online in a short time will be able to carry out activities at home or anywhere with their low-cost headset and mobile phones. He will wear the glasses and will perform the exercises from the phone and perform the physical activities that are both fun and in a curative way. In this respect, it will leave the loss of boredom and motivation brought by self-treatment and will get motivation. At the same time, they will have acquired outdoor experience, which will provide facilitation at the point of social inclusion.

The project “Social and Physical Inclusion of Paraplegic Youth by Using Virtual Reality”, shortly VR4Inclusion, aims to empower  young people with disabilities both socially and physically.

Three paralympic sport games; Handcycling, Boccia and Sledge Hockey were produced by project partners in the Leadership of Bahcesehir University BUG Lab in Istanbul. The game titles were selected based on the focus groups and interviews with young people with disabilities. Those meetings were conducted with the support of, Tyrtaois Sports Club in Athens, International Association of Spinal Cord Paralysis in Ankara and Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, in coordination of Bahçesehir University Faculty of Educational Sciences and Development & Innovation Office.

Play testing was conducted as a part of a social inclusion event in Istanbul, in which disabled young people participated as well as non-disabled people, who got together to play the games and share their opinions.

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