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VR 4 INCLUSION Study Visit (C1 Activity)

Place: Gliwice / Poland

Host Organization: University of Politechnika Slaska (Poland)

Participant Organizations: Bahçeşehir University (Turkey), Development and Innovation Office (Turkey), Tyrtaios Sport Club (Greece)

Details and Aim of the Study Visit:

This international mobility is a good practical visit which will help us to produce intellectual outputs. The C1 activity is aimed to see the related works of the University of Politechnika Slaska and its stakeholders such as 3D VR applications of VR Lab in order to transfer the good practices to the both consortium partners and intellectual outputs.

It is necessary to experience and see different methods, tools and approaches to embody good practices in the matter of reaching the project targets as well as to have knowledge about the subject and the work that is being done currently in Poland. This activity will be carried out by completing the following steps:

  • On-going/completed works and projects will be introduced by the host organization and its stakeholders, related institutions will be visited, and the studies will be examined.
  • Presentations and discussion sessions will be held in which each partner reflects his / her own opinions and thoughts.
  • Sustainable partnerships will be established with NGOs, public authorities, universities and private sectors.
  • How the similar practices can be adapted to our project and intellectual outputs will be discussed by consortium members.


It is expected to answer the questions below and collect the corresponding written documents from the participants in order to prepare a visit report and systematize the achievements. 

  1. Was the study visit consistent with the objectives set out in the project?
  2. Have you met with new technologies, methods, tools etc. that you think will be useful for producing of the project outputs during the visit? If yes, which ones?
  3. How can achieved knowledge be used in order to contribute producing of the project outputs?
  4. What were the deficiencies in terms of organizational issues and content that you observed during the study visit?
  5. Do you think there should be any advance study visit and monitoring subjects that would be useful for the project? If yes, which one?
  6. Have you been contacted with a different institution or people that can make a cooperation in different projects?