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Gliwice Dissemination Event

An event organized by the SUT to disseminate project outputs to our project partner countries hosts representatives from other project partners, apart from SUT, participated to share both training practice and project experiences. In this workshop, FIRD and PARD supported the SUT in reaching, selecting participants and preparation for the organization as well as dissemination. Total 17 project stakeholder participants. Teachers, specialists, academicians, heads, vice-heads and managing people participated from neighborhood schools and learned about the possibility to support disabled people (mostly school pupils) by VR tools developed under the project. Also, two administrative staff from SUT Project Center took part.


The details of the outputs shared with the participants and games were tested. Participants represented not only Gliwice but also Pyskowice and Wodzislaw Slaska. Presentations and discussions allow concluding that the project of such type is very much expected by the community and they give important support to make life of disable people more interesting and attractive.