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Meeting Name: 2nd International Project Meeting
Date of Meeting:  (MM/DD/YYYY) 1 February 2019 Time: Full Day
Meeting Host: Silesian University of                 Technology Location: Silesian University of                 Technology,                 Krzywoustego 2,                 Gliwice, Poland
1.     Meeting Objectives
The meeting was hosted by Silesian University of Technology, was carried out in Gliwice, Poland. In the meeting summary of activities realized up to date were presented, results of intellectual work have been discussed and conclusions were drawn; finally upcoming events have been planned in details (places, dates, expected participants). Additional activity preceding the meeting was a visit at the Foundation for Disable People division of Workshop Therapy by Manual Activities, where participants observed regular activities of disable people and discussed their problems and expectation by the staff of workshop. Discussion sessions were divided by visit in laboratories, including the most important laboratory of mobile robots.
2.    Meeting Attendances
Name Organization
Tufan Adıgüzel (Coordinator) Bahcesehir University
Burcu Boncukcu Bahcesehir University
Oğuz Tutal Development and Innovation Office
Mariusz Stepien (Local host) Silesian University of Technology
Marcin Kasprzak Silesian University of Technology
Mike Nikoppoulos Tyrtaios
Georgia Panagiotopoulou Tyrtaios
Eyyüp Yüksel Uluslararası Omurilik Felçlileri Derneği
Kamil Özokan Uluslararası Omurilik Felçlileri Derneği
3. Sessions and Topics
Study visit at Workshop Therapy for Disables by Manual Activities
Plenary session: discussion on the project progress and results of intellectual work
Visits at Laboratories of Faculty of Electrical Engineering SUT
Plenary Session: Time planning and forthcoming activities
             4.     Details and Decisions
  Visit at Foundation for Disable People – Workshop Therapy by Manual Activities   The Foundation for Disable People “Rozyczka” (Eng.: “the Small Rose”) is a non-governmental body supporting disable people in different forms of activities. One of such forms are Workshops for Therapy by Manual Activities “Tecza” (Eng.: “Rainbow”) located at Gliwice-Labedy. About 50 people attending the workshops every day. They are adult people in age starting at 20 with both mental and physical disabilities. Near half of them can be classified as youth below 30 years old. Some of workshops participant fulfilled the questionnaire about disable expectations on virtual reality and related questions.   The visit at “Tecza” was the first activity of the second Transnational Project Meeting. Participants visited almost all workshops (e.g. theatre, painting arts, sewing, office trainings etc.) and met disable people during their activities. Proper explanation and guidance have been provided by the head of workshop Mrs Dorota Soilam. She answered also all questions given by project participants.   For the future activities a representative for training project activities will be recruited from the group of “Tecza” participants and will go for the training with personal guide/supporting person, who is a staff of the workshop.
Plenary session: Project progress and discussion about intellectual output   The general discussion took place at the Department of Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and Robotics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering who is leading unit at SUT for the project. The general discussion has been moderated by Project Coordinator, Tufan Adigüzel.   The topics discussed, and the decisions made are as follows:   The coordinator summarized results of evaluation of questionnaires. He presented gathered data in respect of different criteria (e.g. age, location, gender, work and marital status). Appointments related to preferred activities and type of virtual games will be taken into account during future project actions. Separate report with analysis of surveys will be prepared.   The second aspect of project progress discussion was developing of virtual reality applications. The coordinator presented results of VR experimental examination by disables during 2nd study visit in Athens and also reported current progress on developing of VR applications carried out within O2 activity. Summarizing the related results of questionnaires to the current VR applications development.  
3. Visits in Laboratories at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, SUT   After the first part of the discussion participants visited laboratories at the Department of Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and Robotics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, SUT. The following labs were presented: Laboratory of Mobile Robots, Laboratory for High Frequency Conversion, Laboratory of Superconductivity and Laboratory of Power Electronic Converters. The lab for Mobile Robots has been presented in aspect of its possible engagement to develop hardware tools supporting the VR applications. Rest of laboratories were considered as a presentation of potential for future cooperation between project partners.  
4. Plenary session: Time Planning and forthcoming events/activities: The final session was focused on the future project progress and forthcoming events and activities, particularly for those planned during the upcoming half of a year.   The following conclusions have been drawn:   Questionnaires as an output O1 were elaborated. The detailed report is in preparation.  

The development of VR games is in progress as an O2 output. The development of VR games is planned to be completed by May 16th, 2019. As soon as any application is completed, it must be sent to the partners to be tested. The partners should give prompt feedback and all tests of the applications must be done before June 1st, 2019.             

Content of the Social Inclusion Workshop is planned to be prepared by May 16th, 2019. Initial ideas for Workshop content include, but are not limited to:Discovering Istanbul from the way of the people with disabilities.Activities to make people feel self-confident.Activities to make people feel highly motivated.Activities to make people feel interpersonal.   The Social Inclusion Workshop is planned to be held in Istanbul in the period of June 24th – 30th, 2019. UOFD and KIO will cover accommodation expenses of BAU participants. BAU, KIO and UOFD will cover accommodation and travel expenses of Greece participants.                                                     

The third Transnational Project Meeting is planned to be held in Greece between September 9th and September 20th, 2019.                             

The project website will be launched by the midterm report submission.                              

Multiplier events are planned in November and December 2019 & January and February 2020.