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The meeting was hosted by Tyrtaios sports club, was carried out at Tyrtaios office in Ilion Athens in the date of 20 September 2019. This was the last TM meeting and the recent situation with all the final steps to the project end, were discussed between the partners.


10 representatives participated into the meeting and these topics discussed:


 Topic 1: Evaluation And Feedbacks From C3 Training


A PowerPoint evaluation of C3 training was presented from BAU. Three different evaluation methods were used during the C3 training:

– Pre & Post Test

– Overall Evaluation

– Daily Evaluations


and the results were presented in the meeting

An evaluation report will be also written by SUT, TRYTAIOS and UOFD regarding the training held in Istanbul. After reviewing these reports, a general evaluation report will be prepared


 Topic 2: Recent Situatıon About The Project Outputs And Developments



  1. O1 Research Report


Report was prepared and is in translation process. After that it will be shared with the partners and be disseminated

WEB site was created. All works will be uploaded and updates will be made. All partners were also asked to review the website and to share their comments, if any.

  1. O2 VR Games


Three applications were developed and implemented on Oculus Go successfully.

1) Boccia VR

2) Handcycling VR

3) Sledge Hockey VR


Based on our observations with disabled participants playing the games, we made a few adjustments/calibrations on games’ interactions, such as balancing ball speed on boccia game or adjusting bicycle turn angles on handcycling.


 Topic 3: Planning Of Dissemination Activities


There will be four budgeted dissemination events. The results of the O1 output produced in this context will be presented, O2 and O3 outputs will be introduced in detail, and detailed information about Vr4inclusion platform will be given. At the same time, there will be a question and answers session. Details of the dissemination events determined.


 Topic 4: Preparations For The Final Report


Necessary documents what will be needed are going to be listed by coordinator and send to partners.



 Topic 5: Open Ended Topics By Partners


There were not any issues raised from the partners