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BAÜ – Bahçeşehir University (www.bau.edu.tr)

Bahcesehir University (BAU), founded in 1997, is a university based in Istanbul, which has 8 faculties: 1 School of Languages and 2 Vocational Schools. 4 institutes provide postgraduate education.

Providing a high quality education in global standards has always been crucial to BAU. Aside from the four campuses in Istanbul, BAU also established campuses in Berlin, Washington DC, Cologne, Hong Kong, Rome, Batumi, Toronto and Silicon Valley. BAU has 13.328 students enrolled in undergraduate studies and 7.424 students enrolled in graduate level studies. The university has 1.676 employees and 62% of them are academic staff.

“BAU GLOBAL” provides BAU students with a chance to receive education from very different points. BAU Global is able to achieve this through Berlin, Toronto Incubation Center, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Rome, Silicon Valley and Boston.  “BAU Global” allows students to continue their education in all BAU Global Centers overseas and provides all support related to the programs.

KIO – Development and Innovation Office (www.kio.org.tr)

KİO –  Kalkınma ve İnovasyon Ofisi(Development and Innovation Office) – is a new generation association founded in Bursa province, which raise awareness in projects such as sustainable development, innovation, innovative approaches, active learning and finding solutions for the problems in Turkey and  Europe. In line with the purpose of our association KIO, we are working with local, national and international partners to develop and disseminate the active participation and cooperation of young people who play an important role in the development and improving welfare of our country through education and awareness-raising activities, scientific-based and supported research and development projects.

We have been developing and implementing projects since the day we were founded with the belief that the projects to be produced by innovative young people are the most important tools for achieving the development goals of our country. At this point, bringing together public institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to develop a holistic approach is the focus of all the work of the Development and Innovation Office. KIO mainly deals with  youth-focused projects and it board of executives includes young people from different professions such as young entrepreneurs, health officers, sociologists, students, food engineers, economists, mathematicians and computer engineers. In this context, apart from its headquarters in Bursa, our association has an innovation and dissemination office located at Besiktas, Istanbul in order to further disseminate the high value-added projects we produce on behalf of the youth of Turkey. Our Association conducts various studies with close to 100 volunteers from different points of Turkey, especially in Bursa and Istanbul.

SUT – Silesian University of Technology (https://www.polsl.pl)

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked technical universities in Poland with nearly 70 years tradition in didactics, research and science. At present, the SUT educatesnearly28 000 students at all three levels of study: bachelor, master and doctoral, mainly in the fields of engineering and technology.

The SUT is a self-governing state university managed by elected bodies, including Rector, the supreme one-person body and Senate – a collective body of Academics. The University offers over 150 specialities within 46 major courses given at 14 faculties, covering the whole range of engineering disciplines, including modern technologies and architecture as well as management, sociology, administration and linguistics. The university staff consists of over 1800 academic teachers, including 400 tenured professors.

SUT is deeply involved in applied and theoretical research, also internationally. The University enjoys multilateral cooperation with industry and other research institutions.The SUTcooperates internationally also in the education area, including active participation in various academic exchange programs,thus allowing its students to experience academic life worldwide by choosing a semester or year of study at one of over 190 partner universities.

Tyrtaios Disabled Sports Club (http://www.tyrtaiosamea.gr/)

Tyrtaios” sports club was founded in 2005 by teachers, professionals and friends of people with disabilities. It is a club recognized by resolution of the court of Athens, registered In the Sport Federation of People with Disabilities and also recognized by the General Registry of Athens. An administrative council consisted of 7 members runs it. “Tyrtaios” promotes sports and cultural activities in which youngsters with physical or mental disabilities (of mild or severe issues) are able to participate actively.

The main goals and aims of the club are:

-The constant and systematic development of the sports skills of the people with disabilities, aming all their categories, according to the legislation.

-The creation of strong people with high morals, through the dissemination of sports

-promote independency throw  participation in athletic activities

-The creation of sports arenas for people with disabilities

-promote social inclusion throw common actions for people with and without disability

So far “Tyrtaios”  promotes physical and mental development of disabled people through athletic, dance and other activities. It has been utterly active in the Paralympic Games Boccia, Swiming, Athletic , table tennis and Dance with or without wheelchairs, with many awards on the assets of it. The club has also organized and  participated in various European programs – training courses for youth with fewer opportunities e.x. “Vallue the Differences” , athletic projects for people with disabilities (mental or physical) e.x. “Crazy Wheels”, programs for inclusion and active involvement of people with disabilities e.x. “PEDIA” and of course cultural programs exclusively with the participation of disabled children and young people with disabilities aged over 18 years

UOFD – International Paraplegic Youth Association (www.uofd.org.tr)

UOFD carries out activities on social integration, the inclusion of disabled individuals and disability rights.  UOFD strives for participating of SCI with youth to the workforce as qualified manpower and creating social environments for them.

In the workshops where they are established, they provide vocational trainings for the target group and they are trained them as qualified staff and managers for the following periods in their life. Thus, it is at the beginning of our principles that our friends, who can not have the opportunity to be a profession or have a chance to make no longer their current profession, can meet their own needs from the social and economic point of view. They are trained to create added value for society by experiences trainers in fully equipped training workshops.

It has 12 half time employee and all of them are consist of disabled individuals. At the same time, majorly from Ankara, it has more than 300 volunteer across Turkey. There are 9,200 members of the UOFD, including young with spinal cord injuries and it struggles for social inclusion and becoming self-sufficient of young spinal cord in many subjects.

For this purpose, it provides vocational training and job opportunities for people with spinal cord injury in the glass workshop, silver processing workshop, advertising workshop and in its own cafeteria, which was established in Çayyolu in a 7000 m2 settlement. It also provides accommodation for 22 disabled guesthouses and disabled individuals and their companions from outside Ankara.